Bacteria will grow in any untreated body of water. Bacteria are a serious health risk and needs to be killed quickly and effectively. Adding a sanitiser to the water regularly will do just that. Regularly water testing and adding the required amount of chlorine will maintain a healthy and clean pool. We stock chlorine in granular, liquid, or tablet form. Each form has its features and benefits. Visit the showroom or contact us for expert advice about which sanitiser is best suited to you and your pool. Safety Note: Never mix chemicals – even different types of chlorine – fire and/or explosion may result.


It may surprise you, but the water you drink may not be fit for your pool! Water can have high or low pH and mineral levels that can harm your pool. Improper levels of pH and minerals can prevent pool treatments from doing their job, not to mention damaging your pool and its equipment with stains, scale and corrosion. pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, iron, copper and Total Dissolved Solids make up overall water balance. Maintaining the ideal ranges of these parameters will maximise swimmer comfort, chemical effectiveness and protect your pool’s surface and equipment. All pool water needs to be chemically balanced. It’s important to have your pool water tested and balanced and checked monthly.


Over time, swimming pool water accumulates a build-up of waste material which can not be filtered out, eventually turning water cloudy, dull and irritating to those who come in contact with it. Oxidisers, when used appropriately, rid pool water of these non-filterable wastes to restore the sparkling appearance of water. These oxidizers remove irritating chloramines, making water comfortable and safe again. Oxidisation treatments should be performed weekly during periods of extreme heat, high bather load or inclement weather.


Algae is an extremely hardy little organism and, in some cases the algae becomes so resistant to the normal sanitiser that treatment with an Algaecide is required. We have a number of algaecides available depending upon the type of algae present. The knowledgeable staff at Poolside Pakenham can advise on which algaecide is best for your pool.