Q. How often should I check the water quality and pH balance of my pool or spa?

A. We recommend bringing your water into us for a professional water analysis once per month and doing a home test once per week for your pH and Chlorine levels.

Q. What’s the best way to clean the pool?

A. We have a selection of automatic pool cleaners, or different style brushes and vac heads to manually clean any pool surface.

Q.Which is best: fibreglass, concrete or liner?

A. It doesn’t matter which pool surface you have: as long as the water is well balanced and maintained, everything should last longer.

Q. I’ve just got a new pool. What do you recommend I get (e.g. cover, automatic cleaner)?

A. We would recommend you bring us a water sample and a list of your pool equipment, we can then advise you on your water balance and your equipment maintenance.

Q.What hours should my pool be running for?

A. We recommend that you run your pump for a minimum of 8 hours a day in summer and 4 hours a day in winter. This will ensure that your water is being adequately circulated all year round.

Q.What maintenance should I do in Winter?

A. Winter is a perfect time to get up to date with your equipment maintenance, this includes making sure everything is working properly and replacing any damaged or worn out parts, along with lubing up all those O’Rings to prevent leaks and brittleness.