Pool Safety Tips

  • Post and enforce rules such as No Running, No Pushing, No Dunking and never swim alone.
  • Never have the spa/pool cover partially in place since children may become entrapped under it.
  • Beware of free-floating spa/pool cover. A child can slip beneath one unnoticed.
  • Realize that a child can drown in as little as 50mm of water, Drain standing water off of your spa or pool cover.
  • Remove ladders and steps from aboveground pools.
  • No objects should be in the aboveground pool area for a child to climb on and into the water.
  • Inspect safety and pool / spa equipment regularly. Preventative devices are only as effective if they are in working order.


A pool that is green from algae is a dangerous pool. Not only is it unsightly, it is doing damage to your pool surface and equipment.

A more serious side is that a pet, or even a child, could fall into the pool and be unnoticed and drown, due to the lack of clarity of the water.

A green pool usually means no circulation; therefore the pump is not running correctly or not at all.

DO NOT turn your pool pumps off over winter; turn the run time down to around 4 hours a day, as the water needs to circulate.